What are KidzCoins?

Our unique kids coins are the simple solution to help families manage or limit their children’s screen time at home. The time tokens can be given out by parents and traded in by children for recreational (passive) screen time. Children can also earn the reward coins for good behaviour or they could be given as a form of pocket money! Families use them in lots of different ways.

Professors, doctors, scientists and teachers agree that establishing healthy screen time habits early on is the key to making sure technology doesn’t damage our children’s mental or physical health, social skills or chances of academic success.

But managing screen time without nagging or always being the ‘bad guy’ can be really tough. These coins for kids are a simple and fun way to teach and motivate children to take responsibility for managing their screen time in a very positive way so that they don’t become addicted to screens.

Designed by parents and tried and tested by families, it’s an easy and stress-free way to manage screen time at home.

We are proud to have received the backing of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health for our product. “The development of KidzCoins is a fantastic idea which will allow parents to hand over some responsibility to children themselves, teaching them the importance of time management as well as the need to live a balanced lifestyle.” – Professor Russell Viner

As featured on BBC Radio 5 Live and in The Sun newspaper

Did you know?

Latest research reveals that, by the age of seven, many youngsters will have spent what equates to one full year in front of a screen, rising to three by adulthood.

Food for thought

Cambridge University scientists believe that too much screen time seriously harms GCSE results with extra TV time having the worst effect on grades.

Believe it or not

Even Apple’s co-founder and former Chief Executive, Steve Jobs, was concerned about his children’s gadget use so he limited their screen time at home.

How they work

Each coin has a time value marked on it, either 15, 30 or 60 minutes
Agree a daily/weekly screen time limit with your child and give them coins to this limit. (One pack contains enough coins for up to 14 hrs screen time)
Children trade in a coin when they want screen time and they can swap coins eg. a 30-minute coin for 2x 15-minute coins
Set your own rules eg. No trading before school, at bedtime or when there’s homework to do
Perhaps reward your child with an extra coin for good behaviour
If they run out of coins, they run out of screen time. Simple! Next week they’ll manage their coins better!

This is how we set up KidzCoins but you can set your own rules to suit you and your family. See our Top Tips from parents for more ideas.

Buy your KidzCoins now!

One pack contains 21 coins:

9 x 60 minute coins
8 x 30 minute coins
4 x 15 minute coins

That’s enough coins for up to 14 hrs screen time per week. Health experts recommend a maximum of 2 hrs screen time a day.

Each pack costs just
£5.99 + p&p

What experts say

What Doctors say...

Children should have daily screen time limits – Leading psychologist Dr Aric Sigman

Too much screen time is causing increasing psychological problems, such as depression and anxiety, in children – Public Health England

Children should have TV-free days or two-hour limits on the time spent in front of screens - The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice)

What Teachers say...

Teenagers who spend too much time watching TV or playing computer games achieve lower GCSE grades. The typical 14-year-old pupil, during the first year of a GCSE course, spends about four hours a day in front of a screen. Those who spend an hour more than that scored 9.3 fewer GCSE points – the equivalent of going down two grades, for example from a B to a D – Cambridge University

What Others say...

Parents struggle to limit children’s screen time - Action for Children

Online pressures creating ‘nation of deeply unhappy children’ - NSPCC

Top Tips

These are the Top Tips we’ve received from parents so far:

  • We really only have a problem with screen time at the weekend, so that’s when we use them
  • On long car journeys the children are allowed ‘free’ gadget time
  • We decided to make active games exempt from our screen time rules so tennis on Wii Sport, for example, is free screen time
  • When our daughter needs to do homework or research on her computer, we don’t take time tokens off her
  • We use KidzCoins as reward coins to encourage our son to read more, so if he reads for half an hour he earns a 30-minute screen time coin
  • If there’s a family film we all want to watch, we make it ‘free’ TV time
  • My daughter likes to keep her coins in her piggy bank, along with her actual pocket money
  • Our older child manages a week’s worth of coins at a time while our younger child has his coins one day at a time
  • We just gave our daughter half the coins to start with. It'll then be easier to increase the number of coins if we need to, rather than having to take some away if she doesn't need as many 
  • Our children have to earn their screen time kids coins. It’s amazing how keen they are to do their homework or tidy their bedrooms now!
  • If our son still has coins left at the end of the week, we give him a reward for managing his time so well.

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About us

Meet Gail and Vanessa!

Gail and Vanessa were fed up of gadgets increasingly impacting on their families’ lives. Chatting to others over coffee, it became obvious that it was a frustration shared by lots of other parents too. The caffeine kicked in and the two mums had a brainwave. That’s when KidzCoins was born!

The kids coins were launched after being bravely tested by their friends in the village of Wateringbury in Kent. It could have gone horribly wrong at this point, but thank goodness, it didn’t. Parents welcomed the concept and the children liked the coins – some didn’t even want to spend the coins on gadget time, preferring instead to save them!

Since launching in February 2016 the kids coins have featured in the press and on local and national radio and even got the backing of MPs and No.10! News about KidzCoins has spread far and wide with sales across the UK but also in the United States and Norway too!

Our dream is for homes to become a bit less stressy, for children to rediscover the excitement of real-life adventure as well as virtual entertainment and for parents and children to live happily ever after...or something like that. We hope KidzCoins bring your family a fairytale ending to screen time squabbles and telly tantrums.

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